Welcome To Reader Robin 

Pre-Kindergarten and Full Time Childcare


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Semester starts 08/27/2024 

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Our Mission

Our goal is to grow young minds by building a foundation for future life and learning in the mid 21st century.

STEM Focused


"I wonder why?" Children make hypotheses and test their ideas.


Children use devices and applications to aid in learning foundational computer skills.


What can I do to keep this block tower from falling down? Engineering solves real world problems.


Children investigate concepts of numbers, volume, shapes and spatial reasoning.

Natural Whole Child Learning

 Language Development

All learning is directly related to how well one can communicate. 

Imaginative Play

Using imagination is encouraged. Every human-made invention created began in someone's creative thoughts.

Music and Movement

Not only does listening and moving to music feel good, it also stimulates brain growth.

Visual Art

Art can help with self-regulation and provide an outlet for self-reflection and relaxation.

We believe the most important thing in life is to be happy in all that you do, whether it's excelling in school, nurturing creative endeavors or just living life to the fullest. 

All Families Welcomed