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Welcome To Reader Robin Infants

Our Mission

We strive to create an environment that is calm, nurturing and responsive to each child's cues. We focus on building positive connections with each child, providing affection and comfort as needed and working closely with parents to ensure that each child feels safe, secure, and loved.

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* Free Meals and Formula

* Open 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

* CPR/First Aid Certified

* Centrally Located Near UOP And Malls

* Accessible By RTD

* Supports Healthy Social/Emotional Development

Our Philosophy

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We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment, providing age-appropriate stimulation to help each child meet developmental milestones. Through play and exploration, infants can develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and social-emotional growth. We work closely with each child to foster their curiosity, creativity and self-confidence.

We believe that building open and honest relationships with parents is crucial to our philosophy of infant caregiving. We understand the importance of clear communication, mutual trust and respect and maintaining consistency in routines between the daycare and home. We work closely with families to ensure that each child feels supported and nurtured.

Social/Emotional Development

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At Reader Robin, we know that social emotional development is crucial for infants 

That's why we put a lot of effort into supporting your child's emotional and social growth. Here are some ways we do this:

We believe in the importance of bonding between infants and their caregivers

We assign each child to a primary caregiver who is responsible for providing consistent, nurturing care. This helps your child build a trusting relationship with their caregiver and feel secure in their environment.

We create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages exploration and discovery

We offer a variety of toys and activities that promote interaction among infants and encourage them to explore their world together.

In addition, we provide opportunities for infants to experience different emotions and learn how to express themselves. We validate and respond to feelings with empathy and understanding.

We believe in teaching infants to regulate their emotions

We do this by responding consistently and calmly to their needs, providing comfort and reassurance when needed.

We encourage socialization

We have created opportunities for infants to interact and play with each other. We support cooperation and sharing among infants by modeling these behaviors ourselves.

In short, we believe that supporting social emotional development is essential for healthy infant development. At Reader Robin, we work hard to create a nurturing environment that supports your child's emotional and social growth.

Cohort System

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As your child advances through the developmental stages of young childhood, they do so in small intimate groups to ensure that each child has the right amount of nurturing to aid in becoming successful young learners. Curriculum will gradually change with them, accommodating their growing capacity for a higher level of thinking. 
Potty training will be led by your desires and the child’s readiness. Preschool activities will be added as children meet each new milestone and increase in complexity as your child’s cognition grows and matures.
Your child will always have a place here. Although your little one is an infant now, they will eventually go to kindergarten. After-school tutoring and childcare will always be an option for your family and we hope you can stay with us for the duration of young childhood up to age 13.

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